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Over the years, ultraviolet light, moisture and dirt pollution can cause severe damage to your home. This can result in discolouration, lichen and mould growth, and an unsightly appearance. Cement tiles become chipped, broken and porous as the paint degrades and oxidises. Unpainted cement tiles will hold water and increase the weight bearing down on the supporting battens and rafters. If left long enough there can be found a layer of sand in the gutter from the tiles breaking down. Terracotta roof tiles can have accumulated mould growth. Our restoration services can dramatically improve your aged and weathered roof, giving it a fresh new lease of life, regardless of where you are in Melbourne.

We follow a 7-step process to restore your roof:

Roof Inspection

Before starting, we will perform an inspection of the roof to detail the materials and repairs required.

Colour Selection

Our consultant discusses with you to help you pick your new colour scheme.

Care of your Property

We routinely take every precaution to protect your downpipes, gutters and walls from any mess created by the cleaning and repair process.
Replace Broken Tiles

As a result of our initial roof inspection all cracked or broken tiles are replaced.

High Pressure Water Blasting

High pressure water blasting is required to remove moss, lichen and grime to achieve best results. No chemicals are used, only water.

Rebedding and Repoint

The last step before painting requires all ridge caps, gables and hips to be repointed. This completes the process of restoration of your roof prior to coating.

Resurfacing and Colour

As part of the final step your roof is sterilised, sealed and coated with two top coats of colour sealants. We’ll help you choose your selected colour, providing a permanent finish that will withstand all weather conditions.

All of our works are covered by a 7-year workmanship warranty.

We only use products of the highest quality to ensure that we protect your home

Yes, We have full time employees – NO contractors!

Our staff are well trained and very friendly, so if there are any concerns, they will be happy to speak to your neighbours and explain that there will be no chance of any potential issues with their property

We keep our clients involved at every stage of the process from emailing out your quote, to speaking with you at the completion of your job. Our administration team are at your disposal should you have any queries or concerns. Our tradespeople will contact you prior to commencement of your works and will keep you informed throughout the job – this is the benefit of dealing with a family-owned company – it’s about quality, not money.

We guarantee all our work – we’re not perfect and do make mistakes from time to time however, we guarantee we will always come back no matter what.

No, we don’t want to interrupt your lifestyle and will only require access to the rear of your house in the instance of backyard roof painting.

We are always competitive, but think about what is really more important – a quality job expertly finished with a guarantee, or saving a few dollars? Remember the old saying, you get what you pay for.

Yes, all our employees are qualified, competent, experienced and fully insured. Safety is always our priority.

Yes, the coatings we use are acrylic and water based. They are 100% safe if you are collecting rainwater for drinking, so they are ideal for use on properties with rainwater tanks.

We can wash a roof in the rain, but the application of pointing and coatings has to be done on dry days, as they can wash off in the rain.

It is unavoidable that things will get messy, especially when we high pressure clean. But we assure you that our Craft Master team goes to great lengths to ensure your house and surrounding areas are left spotless. We leave your gutters free of debri and all rubbish is taken off site.

We specialise in Roof restoration, Pressure cleaning, Re-bedding, Pointing, Valley Iron replacement, Flashing repairs, Whirlybird ventilators. With so much roofing experience we cover all aspects of roofing.

Again it is dependent on the size and the required repairs but an average restoration takes 3 to 4 days. One day for the pressure cleaning, another for the repairs and the final day for the roof sealing and re-coating. All work is weather permitted.

Every roof is different. Each job is priced individually depending on the size, pitch, height & amount of required repairs. A detailed fixed quotation is provided on every job.

Your roof can take up to 40% of your homes exterior and is one of the main elements that determine how your house looks. An old tired roof will make your entire house look old, while a fully restored roof will instantly make your whole home look new and appealing to the eye. A roof restoration can add thousands of dollars of value to your home.

Yes we can. In case of emergencies, we can attend very quickly. Leaking roofs require urgent attention. If left unattended, leaking roofs will cause internal damage. Please call us now to see how Roof Specialist can fix your leaking roof immediately!

In cases of emergency, we can start immediately, otherwise if not urgent we can start anytime from 1-2 weeks or whenever suits you.

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