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Does your roof seem tired and old? Are you looking for a brand new way to spruce up your home’s exteriors? Contact Supreme Roofing Group today and ask about our extensive roof restoration services. We will repair broken tiles, remove all lichen and moss through high pressure cleaning, and repaint everything in the colour of your choice. We are also one of the few specialists in Melbourne who can restore and repair terracotta tiles without difficulty. As well as a fully experienced team, we also utilise the latest equipment to guarantee excellent results every single time. To find out more about our roof restoration in Melbourne, call us on 0433 944 303 or fill in the enquiry form on this page. We will be happy to provide a no obligation, free quote so you get a feel for our competitive rates before choosing our range of repair and restoration services

Cement Tile Roof Restoration

1. Roof Inspection
Before starting, we will perform an inspection of the roof to detail the materials and repairs required.


2. Colour Selection
Our consultant discusses with you to help you pick your new colour scheme.


3. Care of your Property
We routinely take every precaution to protect your downpipes, gutters and walls from any mess created by the cleaning and repair process.


4. Replace Broken Tiles
As a result of our initial roof inspection all cracked or broken tiles are replaced.


5. High Pressure Water Blasting
High pressure water blasting is required to remove moss, lichen and grime to achieve best results. No chemicals are used, only water.


6. Rebedding and Repoint
The last step before painting requires all ridge caps, gables and hips to be repointed. This completes the process of restoration of your roof prior to coating.


7. Resurfacing and colour
As part of the final step your roof is sterilised, sealed and coated with two top coats of colour sealants. We’ll help you choose your selected colour, providing a permanent finish that will withstand all weather conditions.


Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration

Terracotta tiles require a slightly different roof restoration procedure to Cement Tile Roof Restoration. Terracotta tiles are mostly factory glazed and very rarely need any form of coating applied to the surface. But we advise using ‘Terra Glaze’, a clear protective coating containing ultra violet light protectives and silicons developed specially for unglazed terracotta tiles.

1. Roof Inspection
We inspect the roof for any signs of leaks and broken tiles to detail the materials and repairs required.


2. Replace Broken Tiles
All cracked or broken tiles are replaced with the same tile type of a similar age.


3. High Pressure Water Blasting
The tiles are then high pressure cleaned bringing then back to their original condition.


4. Rebedding and Repoint
The ridge caps are rebedded where necessary and fully repointed using a flexible pointing compound.


5. Coating for unglazed terracotta tiles
Apply high quality clear terra glaze using an airless spray system.


For your terracotta roof restoration needs, whether in eastern Melbourne, south of the city or either side of the river, or for any of our roofing services, get in touch with Supreme Roofing Group today. Get a free, no obligation quote online or call us now on 0433 944 303.

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